Thursday, September 27, 2012

30th day of the challenge; oh my kit lens

the 30th day and now we are at the end... for our final photograph i will show you how wide it can go and how far it can zoom. first photo is in 55mm, the 2nd is in 26mm, and last is in 18mm.

photography is suppose to be an expression, it reflect reality, a way to communicate, to reach out to others. it should not be contain with in a box but transcend to different levels. that is why we should not limit our creativity because we only have a kit lens but instead find ways to capture that illusive, that one shot over 120 shots. we shouldn't blame the camera nor that lens and start making excuses that "if only i got this... if only i got that..." no! stop right now and start thinking again... is it really the camera or it's just me?

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