Wednesday, September 19, 2012

22nd day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

so this is one of the things that most people doubt about kit lenses... high speed photography and kit lens don't mix. so how do you get around it? trust and luck and a little bit of hope.

so at our 22nd day of our challenge i made something a bit challenging of your mate kit lens... this time i did some high speed photography with out other set up. i just use the pop-up flash and that's it. i just recommend that you will shoot in raw so you can play with it later at lightroom. you might want to change the color of the liquid instead of that boring transparent color just like i did here.

by the way this tutorial is at digital-photography-school so you can check it out if you wish to do some high speed photography.


francesco bombardieri said...

difficult shot ... congrats ... but you change direction flash (if you have a separate flash) ;)

luntian said...

thank you... i got tons of the same shot for this. it was really hard. and yes it did cross my mind to use an off camera flash... but i didn't just want to make sure that digital-photography-school is not playing tricks on me. well i guess they were right after all. i was stand corrected.