Saturday, May 27, 2006

The President is Wrong!

CHED REGION VII DIRECTOR: The President is Wrong!
National Union of Students of the

- Visayas

Press Release

May 21, 2006

CHED REGION VII DIRECTOR: The President is Wrong!

The President does not know the law

During the meeting with the Regional Multi-Sectoral Committee on Tuition Increase last May 19, Dr. Enrique P. Grecia, CHED Region VII director told the body that PGMA is wrong in releasing press statements that she is not allowing schools to raise tuition more than the National Inflation Rate (NIR). The issuance of the recent CHED Memorandum No. 14, which she approved May of last year, prevents this from happening.

“The President does not know the law.” Dr. Grecia said after analyzing the contents of the memorandum. This reflects that PGMA is ignorant of the laws of the land. More so, PGMA is manipulating the people not to be active in expressing concerns regarding the surmounting tuition.

All for Politics

“The public display of concern for the students and the youth shown by PGMA is all for politics. There is no sincerity in her acts; it is all a pretense to save her rotting image. There is no hope for the youth in her. There is no hope for the country with such a president,” stated NUSP Vice President for the Visayas, Ma. Fe Jayme.

Thinking that the people will be foolish to believe yet another ploy from her office, PGMA issues this press statement. The people should be more vigilant against the fa├žade of concern that PGMA is showing because it is all for her glory, it is all to raise her ratings and publicity. There is no truth to all her promises.

Concrete Actions

“This idiocy caused by memorandums that do not benefit the students should be further reason for us, students, to unite. The problem brought about by surmounting tuition increases will not only affect us. The struggle is for our parents who pay for our education,” called Jayme.

“What we do now and the opposition we launch against tuition increase will not only benefit us but the coming generations as well.”

“Education is our right but PGMA doesn’t appear to know that. With an inutile president, we have to take these matters into our hands and struggle for what is rightly ours and oust the ignorant president,” Jayme concluded.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

change of season, change of heart (posted last May 11, 2006)

today the country is under tropical depression. yes this is the mark of change of season. now summer is officially over.

but as days passes by, the mode of life change. you were no long the person that i knew before. you look different and sound diffirent too. you've become a stranger every day and we both did'nt know. and now i just realized that even we are near to each other but still miles apart. i guess your the living prof that things in this world will change.

i just hope that you can talk to me. face me and look at me in the eye. tell me what you feel inside. i'm just here waiting for you even it will take me forever.