Wednesday, August 27, 2008

thanks for the sunshine

Now after two long months I finally had the nerve to show up to people I have been hiding all these months. I shall say it wasn’t easy for me, but manage to do something about that fear. A lot of questions raised by those do not know anything. And some answers were shed but still I will never know for I will or may not be there to face them.

The finish line is way too far. A lot of things will happen and still happening. I still sense that the people I have faith in will not be there to support me in this journey. Some were as cold as the pigment where I have fallen. But I never blame them for that. Who would have guessed that after three long years I will just throw it all right out in the window? Who would have thought that I will just stop running when I was leading in the race? Even I was surprise as events unfold to something that we never plan.

To hell with everything I was just happy with those who have faith with me. May be they are trying to understand the complexity of somebody’s mind like mine. They took a minute to breath with me. And I do appreciate that. I am happy to see my kuyas, ates and my sister. It took a smile from them to lighten up the load that I am carrying for seven long months. I will never ever forget this day that I saw sun shine again after a long time.

guys i didn't leave, i just stayed where you left me