Tuesday, August 31, 2004

fiscal crisis

unsaon nalang kung mahinayon. undang jud ko studies nako. the economy of the philippine is going down na to the lowest.... level as in todo na to. i have no idea if that time would come na buhi pakaha mi. the government and the people should work hand in hand to sove this huge problem....i hope that the people won't take this as a joke coz. it's not. the effects of this crisis will last for a very long time....

Saturday, August 28, 2004


mga tao comment sab mo uy! wala jud mopansin nakong mga migo/miga. Where na ba mo nitago.


feel na ko

happy today

I think that I am the most happy person in the world. why, coz i got a high grade in phc. my grade actually increase this midterms

Thursday, August 26, 2004


fly above the sky
kiss the clouds
touch the sun
be free!
be like the bird
be like the wind
be free!
away from cages
that sufocates
that kills
be free!
fly away
be in a place where you can dance
like in heaven
where angles dwells
dance in the melody of their songs
with chants that lifts you up
be free!
fly away
take my hand
dance, sing,fly with me
feel the wind
be free!
fly away
take my hand
together we will fly
to heavens where we can smile....


yehay!!!! nana ko sa blogger.