Friday, August 31, 2012

3rd day; oh my kit lens

now we are at our third day it's been a challenge to actually have time to post something here but this is a challenge and that means it's a challenge.

after the event shoot today i was like oops the challenge! i was left dry with ideas and then i think that i should follow my heart and do portrait.

last night i was viewing some portrait shots and then i said why not try it. i just did a black and white to highlight the shadows of the subject.

i love the light but it is the absence of a light that would make you understand light better. it is in their absence that we appreciate them.

the model is my brother james. we only use a single light lamp for this shoot.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

oh my kit lens day 2 of our journey

now that we have started our journey yesterday we are now on our day two. so are you ready to take photography to a next level? hope you do and i hope that you will journey with me.

this photo was taken during golden hours (afternoon). the idea is from my friend at

i just want to show to everyone that you can do anything if you have the imagination and creativity. you need to understand the limitations of your gear and how to compensate with its limitation. how you as the master will bend/flex to meet your shot. it is through our creativity that we excel and it though our limitations that we can make things possible.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

taking a 30 challenge: 18-55mm oh my kit lens

now it has been a month that i took my silence. well i don't have followers that would be interested reading or looking at my post. but any ways though it's been a while but i have finally crack an idea that would keep this blog up dated...

well yes folks i have finally took the 30 days challenge... so what is the challenge about? simple the challenge is i will only use my 18-55mm lens aka my trusted kit lens. i will shot everything using a kit lens.
most of you might be thinking why would i use a kit lens? i mean it's not a fast lens... simple because this is all about photography now... enough with the technical aspect of photography it's time to show the art side of it.

i choose the kit lens because of the following reasons;
1. it's has a narrower aperture compare to other lens.
2. it's a short zoom and reasonable wide angle lens.
3. and most of all people think it's a loser. they think that primes is the only lens that could take good photos.

so why kit lens? simple because i want to alter your world and show you what is the power of an altered dimension of a kit lens. so come with me and together we shall journey the world of kit lenses.