Wednesday, August 29, 2012

taking a 30 challenge: 18-55mm oh my kit lens

now it has been a month that i took my silence. well i don't have followers that would be interested reading or looking at my post. but any ways though it's been a while but i have finally crack an idea that would keep this blog up dated...

well yes folks i have finally took the 30 days challenge... so what is the challenge about? simple the challenge is i will only use my 18-55mm lens aka my trusted kit lens. i will shot everything using a kit lens.
most of you might be thinking why would i use a kit lens? i mean it's not a fast lens... simple because this is all about photography now... enough with the technical aspect of photography it's time to show the art side of it.

i choose the kit lens because of the following reasons;
1. it's has a narrower aperture compare to other lens.
2. it's a short zoom and reasonable wide angle lens.
3. and most of all people think it's a loser. they think that primes is the only lens that could take good photos.

so why kit lens? simple because i want to alter your world and show you what is the power of an altered dimension of a kit lens. so come with me and together we shall journey the world of kit lenses.


francesco bombardieri said...

amazing ..... amazing ;)

Anonymous said...

What cam body are you using, Grace?

luntian said...

to anomymous,

mostly its an alpha 33 but sometimes i also use an alpha 57...

yes i am a sony user.