Friday, August 31, 2012

3rd day; oh my kit lens

now we are at our third day it's been a challenge to actually have time to post something here but this is a challenge and that means it's a challenge.

after the event shoot today i was like oops the challenge! i was left dry with ideas and then i think that i should follow my heart and do portrait.

last night i was viewing some portrait shots and then i said why not try it. i just did a black and white to highlight the shadows of the subject.

i love the light but it is the absence of a light that would make you understand light better. it is in their absence that we appreciate them.

the model is my brother james. we only use a single light lamp for this shoot.

1 comment:

francesco bombardieri said...

good composition .. ok the shadow ( the man face is good whit strong shadow) ... but i like the BW more more more contrast ...

this is all grey ... for me shoot ok , conversion not ok ;)