Wednesday, February 06, 2013

finally controlling lights

it's really hard to control lights... nah not really. it sounds hard if you have no clue what is a light and how it works (in general). if you know the true nature of a light then you won't have a hard time controlling it. so the first thing that you should do is to understand what is a light, i think your physics teacher got it covered. remember folks photography is science too so you should know something like a little science to get around it. we can control light by bending, reflecting, bouncing and you can do cool stuff by refraction. well enough with the science thingy lets go to work... after years of somehow being a natural lights photographer, finally there is one critique that made me jump to artificial lights. it is true that sometimes as a photographer you have that point that you need additional light in order for you to get what you want. and this is where artificial lights comes in. and to be a master you need to combine ambient light with your speedlites to create or recreate a light (which is i am miles away). so i need a light that is handy and somehow helps me to control light. after months of looking into that matter i found exactly what i need. well created some of it.

i got the speedlite but i just don't have the perfect softbox. something that is light and very collapsible. when i gave up and i can't seem to find what i need i ask my boyfriend to make me one. the idea of the design came from me but the hands that made the models and the actual on is him.

i use a huge umbrella for this, a black and silver taffeta fabric, a white plastic, two small clamps, blots and nuts, two aluminum rivets, two L shape metal strips.

i cut the umbrella tube or pole and then took out the four out of eight of the top notch rib or rib to give me a square frame of the sofbox. sew the taffeta fabric together.

small clapms , blots and nuts, aluminum rivets and the metal strips are used as the mounts. i use a tripod here.

these are the sample shots taken using the diy collapsible softbox. in three-quarter view and profile view.