Sunday, December 14, 2008

at my lap

my cat munskins...
location: cebu
camera: 5MP-9BE
Shutter Speed: 1/446 second
F Number: F/3.0
Focal Length: 6 mm
ISO Speed: 200

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Want to hear something cool!

i just discover an artist with a true talent and has potential to make it to the top. all it takes is support from people like us to appreciate their music. and what better ways to that is to listen and buy their songs (well if you have cash).

yeah i just stumble at Mr. Charles' at slicethepie and from there i google his site. it is one of the best that i have reviewed so far. the caleber of his music is something that can land ones name at the top of the charts.

i hope that you will visit his site and find yourself the treasures that i found. i hope that you will enjoy his music.

this is the link.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

i can cook at Associated Content

this is my very first AC published article and its about cooking Halang-halang.
i love cooking and so is writing fuse them together and you will have this... please click the link...

check out my recently published content on AC:

Monday, September 15, 2008

cycle of life

Life in past two months is been that predictable. If somebody plans to kill me surely I won’t give them a hard time.

I wake up and starts my breakfast. I open my computer and starts going online. Then check my emails. Starts doing something at photoshop. Before eleven I will cook our lunch.
Then before 1 pm I start posting something not worth reading for mylot. By 3 pm I check my deviantart and after wards I check my emails again. Then I will cook diner by 5 pm. Eat diner around 7 pm and watch tv which has only one clear channel.
After watching tv I will take my bike, go around the block. And finally after a boring day I will take a bath and once again I will start to journey the world of dreams.

Sounds like that movie I saw once but forget the title. But lucky him, he had a chance to wake up one day doing something he don’t usually do. I too, is waiting for that day to come to finally wake up one day and not doing these predictable things.
I just want to break free from this curse of cyclic predictable life. I am floating in nothingness and decay.

Now after these few words I will once again will journey to the world of dreams. And tomorrow I wake up and starts my breakfast. I open my computer and starts going online. Then check my emails… once again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

thanks for the sunshine

Now after two long months I finally had the nerve to show up to people I have been hiding all these months. I shall say it wasn’t easy for me, but manage to do something about that fear. A lot of questions raised by those do not know anything. And some answers were shed but still I will never know for I will or may not be there to face them.

The finish line is way too far. A lot of things will happen and still happening. I still sense that the people I have faith in will not be there to support me in this journey. Some were as cold as the pigment where I have fallen. But I never blame them for that. Who would have guessed that after three long years I will just throw it all right out in the window? Who would have thought that I will just stop running when I was leading in the race? Even I was surprise as events unfold to something that we never plan.

To hell with everything I was just happy with those who have faith with me. May be they are trying to understand the complexity of somebody’s mind like mine. They took a minute to breath with me. And I do appreciate that. I am happy to see my kuyas, ates and my sister. It took a smile from them to lighten up the load that I am carrying for seven long months. I will never ever forget this day that I saw sun shine again after a long time.

guys i didn't leave, i just stayed where you left me