Thursday, September 28, 2006

the boyfriend that i never have

A look that gives mystery into my soul. I have never seen someone with such expressive eyes, though your soul is speaking into my heart. You have these soulful blue eyes that I want to dedicate Pablo Neruda’s poem; leaning into the afternoons. And to sing you this song that is repeatedly playing on my site (you rise me up by Josh Groban). You have this charm that can make everyone’s heart melt like butter. You are too playful in your entire photograph. You have the gift that transform picture in a masterpiece.

But I know that you will never see me the way I see you, for all I know you are just a guy that I have bump on to when I was browsing to art pictures in the net. May be, I did fall for the guy I saw on the web…

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i have dacided

I do need the psychologist asap… sound crazy? I think not! Most of us might say why do I need a psychologist which in fact I’m totally not crazy. And for now I need one to help me cope up with my psychological stress that can be dated back as early as high school. Well because most of the symptoms were evident.

I think the only thing that kept me alive during those times is because of my spiritual advisers (in present times were untraceable). Delaying the frustration that a weak spirit (me) is experiencing that time, telling me that there is something more in life. That I should not loss hope, for there is a reason why I am still alive. But the thing is it only delay the problem but didn’t solve it. It’s like giving a patient having a cancer with a pain killer instead of curing cancer. Well I don’t hate them for that, I do appreciate their attempt to help me out.

Well now that after hundreds of years, and believing that it’s gone, here we go again. It’s just like a ghost in the past that keeps hunting me again. Now I have decided that it’s time to see a psychologist to help me out before things got worst.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Death Squads, the CIA and Political Killings in Central Luzon

Stanley Karnow, in his book In Our Image, said the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the U.S. government brought the concept of death squads to the Philippines, specifically in Central Luzon, in the early 1950s through known CIA operatives Gen. Edward Lansdale and Charles Bohannan. These death squads have been known to perpetrate the annihilation of personalities from progressive organizations since then and to this day, and are seen as the culprits in the escalation of political killings in Central Luzon.

Gitnang Luzon News Service
Posted by Bulatlat

Southern Tagalog activists display pictures of their martyred comrades in a protest against political killings

Tirso Cruz, 33, officer of the United Luisita Workers’ Union (ULWU), was shot from behind while walking home along with his father and brother in their village in Pando, Concepcion town inside Hacienda Luisita (120 kms. north of Manila), shortly past midnight last March 17.

The two assailants rode a motorcycle and wore ski masks to cover their faces. Cruz died instantly from nine bullets from an M-16 rifle used by the assassins. After committing the murder, the killers poked their guns at Cruz’s brother and calmly drove away passing an army detachment some 100 meters away.

The soldiers and Citizens’ Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) members inside the detachment at the time of the shooting did not bother to investigate or help the victim. They even put out the lights when a barangay tanod (village security) member ran to the detachment minutes after the shooting to report the crime and plead for help.

“Death squads”

The cold-blooded murder of Cruz, the 14th martyr of Hacienda Luisita, bore the trademarks of a “death squad” operation. Aside from the characteristic motorcycle and ski mask, it was carried out with a deadly, surgical precision in a populated area very near a military outpost.

Not one of the perpetrators of the 601 killings and 151 enforced disappearances since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo assumed the presidency has been tried and sentenced. The public’s verdict: the death squads were let loose and are being protected by the government.

In Central Luzon, at least 98 people have either been killed or abducted and presumed dead since January 2005 to May 17 this year, and almost all are blamed on the government’s death squads, states Karapatan (Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights)-Central Luzon.

The number of victims increased significantly when Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan was designated as commander of the 7th Infantry Division in September last year, says Sr. Cecille Ruiz, Karapatan-CL chairperson.

Palparan is one of the main implementors of Oplan Bantay Laya, the government’s counterinsurgency program. The 7th ID covers the seven provinces of the region –Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Zambales, Bataan and Aurora.

Ruiz said 53 persons were killed and 24 were abducted and remained missing since Palparan was transferred to the region. The incidents represent 78 percent or more than three-fourths of all cases monitored in the region by Karapatan-CL from January 2005 to May 2006.

Sixty per cent of all murders and enforced disappearances in the entire country from September 2005 to the present occurred in Central Luzon and coincided with Palparan’s transfer, states Karapatan-CL.


Stanley Karnow, in his book In Our Image said the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the U.S. government brought the concept of death squads to the Philippines, specifically in Central Luzon, in the early 1950s through known CIA operatives Gen. Edward Lansdale and Charles Bohannan.

The death squads were then known as “skull squadrons” because of their practice of beheading their victims who were mostly suspected members or supporters of the Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon (Hukbalahap or People’s Anti-Japanese Army) or the Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan (HMB or People’s Liberation Army).

Col. Napoleon Valeriano of the Philippine Constabulary (PC) supervised death squad operations to suppress local peasant resistance under CIA direction, Karnow wrote.

During the Marcos dictatorship, the PC organized an armed group known as “Monkees” in Tarlac province, and other similar groups in the region, that killed hundreds of suspected members or supporters of the newly-formed New People’s Army (NPA), as well as the political opponents of Ferdinand Marcos.

It is well known that the Marcos dictatorship reigned with covert CIA backing. Human rights records show that 1,166 people, mostly unarmed peasants, were killed at the height of the dictatorship from 1972 to 1983.

After Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino was installed president in 1986, armed vigilante groups and fanatic cults organized by the Philippine military sprouted across the country. They were a component of the government’s “total war” counterinsurgency campaign within the aegis of the “low intensity conflict” doctrine of the U.S. government.

As many as 50 vigilante groups were formed in the entire country. Records show that 1,064 persons were killed, including 135 cases of massacres, during the Aquino presidency.

The groups, like the Alsa Masa and Tadtad in Mindanao, gained notoriety for mutilating the bodies of their victims. Maj. Gen. John Singlaub, a U.S. military adviser and a high profile CIA operative, is widely believed to be involved in the formation of said groups.

Invariably, albeit without public acknowledgement, death squads are an integral part of the government counterinsurgency program.

Oplan Bantay Laya

Oplan Bantay Laya (OBL) is a five-year program of the Arroyo government aimed at eliminating “threats to national security.” It started in 2002 and at first, targeted “terrorist” groups and the armed secessionist movement in Mindanao island.

The OBL was formulated by the Philippine government as its part in the “global war on terror” doctrine of the US.

In 2003, the OBL program was shifted to neutralize and destroy the threat posed by the New People’s Army (NPA) and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Central Luzon is among the seven regions identified by the military as priority targets in the implementation of the OBL.

In 2004, the Arroyo government received $4.6 billon for military and economic assistance and $30 million for counterinsurgency exercises from the U.S. government.

The gruesome shooting of seven strikers on Nov. 16, 2004 at the picket line at the Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita placed the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the Philippine National Police (PNP) and President Arroyo in a defensive posture as the government was blamed for the carnage.


In January 2005, the government declared that the strike of the plantation and sugar mill workers in Hacienda Luisita has become “a matter of national security” through a Power Point Presentation entitled Knowing the Enemy which was made available to the public.

The AFP also came out with a book titled Trinity of War which, like the presentation, deals on how the government intends to destroy the CPP and the NPA basing primarily on their study of the events in Hacienda Luisita.

The book and the presentation has, since then, served as the Bible of the Arroyo government, especially the generals in the AFP and PNP, in the counterinsurgency campaign within over-all the framework of Oplan Bantay Laya.

But the circulation of the materials in the military and police hierarchy, as well as the general public, also signalled the start of intensified killing and grave human rights violations of leaders and members of militant organizations not only in Hacienda Luisita, but in the entire region and the rest of the country.

In the book and the presentation, legal organizations and institutions suspected as “fronts” of the CPP and the NPA are considered “enemies of the state.” Foremost among these are the party-list organizations Bayan Muna (People First) and Anakpawis (Toiling Masses) and the sectoral organizations belonging to the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan or New Patriotic Alliance).

Even traditional groups such as church and media organizations were not spared and listed as “enemies of the state.” The accusations drew widespread indignation from the public.

“Enemies of the state”

At noon on March 3, 2005, a sniper shot and killed Abelardo Ladera, 45, a Tarlac City councillor. Ladera is from barangay Balite, inside Hacienda Luisita, a popular Bayan Muna leader in the province and ardent supporter of the striking Hacienda Luisita workers.

Ladera is third on a list of seven individuals that in the book and the presentation are described by the military as instigators of the Luisita strike and therefore are “enemies of the state.” The assassination of Ladera was followed by a long string of murders and gross human violations of leaders and members of militant organizations in Central Luzon that has not stopped to this day.

The names of most of the people killed in the region appeared in various military “hit list” or “order of battle” before they were killed. The lists are drawn supposedly from intelligence reports.

Luisita union leader Tirso Cruz, who was also an elected council member in his barangay, was tagged by the Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) as the “secretary of the revolutionary committee” in the village several months before he was murdered.

To be included in the list is has been considered as a sure prelude to a death squad attack in utter disregard to existing laws and basic human rights.

Last month, because of the increasing number and regularity of the murders and the refusal of the Arroyo government to investigate and punish the perpetrators, an editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer described the killings as a ”systematic policy of extermination” of the critics of the Arroyo government.

The terms “death squads” and “political killings” have also become part of the popular vocabulary.


Death squads have appeared not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

In a collection of books and articles gathered by author Ralph McGehee entitled CIA Support of Death Squads that was posted in the Internet in 1999, death squads were alleged to have been organized and supported by the CIA in 43 countries, most of them coming from the Third World including the Philippines.

According to the materials, there appears to be several but common patterns on how death squads are born and operate. Among these are:

Death squads appear whenever there is a strong popular movement against poverty and oppression resulting from “US dominance” in said countries. Death squads also appear when a “progressive” government takes power and resists US impositions.

The US government, through the CIA, trains, provide arms and finances the death squads in cooperation with the regime in power.

Death squads are a part of official policies and programs, although not publicly admitted.

High-profile implementors like Gen. Jose Alberto Medrano of El Salvador, Lt. Gen. Raoul Cedras of Haiti and Maj. Gen Jovito Palparan of the Philippines are employed.

The killings continue until the objective of weakening the popular resistance is not met or unless there is very strong local and international condemnation and pressure


In the Philippines, as in the case in Central Luzon, the operation of death squads is blatantly used in the framework of Oplan Bantay Laya.

Instead of prosecuting soldiers accused of the crimes, Maj. Gen. Palparan even points the blame on the victims themselves.

In a recent published media interview, Palparan was quoted as saying: “They (the victims) should ask themselves, what are they doing?”

Last week, bowing to widespread indignation and a report from Amnesty International that is critical of the role of the Arroyo government in the killings, a government task force was formed to investigate the incidents. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has also started its own investigation.

But based on the experiences of other countries, and our own experiences in toppling the Marcos dictatorship, it will take a lot more than investigations to stop the killings. Bulatlat

Friday, June 09, 2006

March vs. political killings reaches Mendiola

A 3,000-strong peaceful march calling for an end to political killings and human rights violations successfully reached historic Mendiola bridge, only to be dispersed by water cannons and truncheons twenty minutes later.

Led by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) and the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), the marchers demanded that Mrs. Arroyo declare an end to the state policy of killing activists and political opponents which, according to human rights watchdog Karapatan, has victimized 679 civilians

The latest casualty in the Arroyo policy of killing activists was Marcos Bangit who was shot dead last night in Echague, Isabela. A native of Kalinga province, Bangit was serving the Elders Desk of the Cordillera People’s Alliance. Until 2004, he was provincial coordinator of Bayan Muna in Kalinga province.

The protesters arrived on Mendiola Bridge at exactly 12:00 noon, to shouts of victory from passersby and the marchers themselves. The anti-riot police started dispersing them with water cannons twenty minutes later. But unlike the first march that reached Mendiola on April 6, this time the protesters held their ground longer. The police had to order the firetrucks to follow the marchers who retreated to nearby Bustillos Market.

“Remove the fascist military from the rural areas,” the marchers shouted, in an apparent reference to soldiers led by the likes of Major Gen. Jovito Palparan who is now terrorizing civilian communities in Bulacan province.

Some flashed placards bearing pictures of some of activists assassinated by suspected military elements.

Leading the protest were Bayan Secretary-General Renato Reyes Jr., Bayan Chairperson Dr. Carol Pagaduan Araullo, Anakpawis Rep. and KMP Chairperson Rafael Mariano, Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño and leaders of farmers’ organizations from Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog.

House Deputy Minority Leader and Bayan Muna Rep. Satur C. Ocampo swiftly condemned the dispersal of the peaceful march. “The Arroyo government again bare its fascist pangs on people who were only asking for an end to political assassinations. The people will never forget and forgive her barbarity in treating opponents and critics.”

The protesters reached Mendiola close to three hours since they started marching from UST along España. They were initially stalled for two hours by a phalanx of anti-riot police near the corner of Morayta and España streets.

Sensing that authorities were intent in preventing them from approaching Mendiola via Morayta and Recto, the protest leaders decided to take P. Noval Street and other side streets until marchers successfully reached Mendiola Bridge at about high noon.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The President is Wrong!

CHED REGION VII DIRECTOR: The President is Wrong!
National Union of Students of the

- Visayas

Press Release

May 21, 2006

CHED REGION VII DIRECTOR: The President is Wrong!

The President does not know the law

During the meeting with the Regional Multi-Sectoral Committee on Tuition Increase last May 19, Dr. Enrique P. Grecia, CHED Region VII director told the body that PGMA is wrong in releasing press statements that she is not allowing schools to raise tuition more than the National Inflation Rate (NIR). The issuance of the recent CHED Memorandum No. 14, which she approved May of last year, prevents this from happening.

“The President does not know the law.” Dr. Grecia said after analyzing the contents of the memorandum. This reflects that PGMA is ignorant of the laws of the land. More so, PGMA is manipulating the people not to be active in expressing concerns regarding the surmounting tuition.

All for Politics

“The public display of concern for the students and the youth shown by PGMA is all for politics. There is no sincerity in her acts; it is all a pretense to save her rotting image. There is no hope for the youth in her. There is no hope for the country with such a president,” stated NUSP Vice President for the Visayas, Ma. Fe Jayme.

Thinking that the people will be foolish to believe yet another ploy from her office, PGMA issues this press statement. The people should be more vigilant against the façade of concern that PGMA is showing because it is all for her glory, it is all to raise her ratings and publicity. There is no truth to all her promises.

Concrete Actions

“This idiocy caused by memorandums that do not benefit the students should be further reason for us, students, to unite. The problem brought about by surmounting tuition increases will not only affect us. The struggle is for our parents who pay for our education,” called Jayme.

“What we do now and the opposition we launch against tuition increase will not only benefit us but the coming generations as well.”

“Education is our right but PGMA doesn’t appear to know that. With an inutile president, we have to take these matters into our hands and struggle for what is rightly ours and oust the ignorant president,” Jayme concluded.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

change of season, change of heart (posted last May 11, 2006)

today the country is under tropical depression. yes this is the mark of change of season. now summer is officially over.

but as days passes by, the mode of life change. you were no long the person that i knew before. you look different and sound diffirent too. you've become a stranger every day and we both did'nt know. and now i just realized that even we are near to each other but still miles apart. i guess your the living prof that things in this world will change.

i just hope that you can talk to me. face me and look at me in the eye. tell me what you feel inside. i'm just here waiting for you even it will take me forever.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

yo-yo for a day

i bought a yo-yo yesterday. i have no idea why but i just did. weird ah? yeah sometime i just do some weird staffs… hehehehe but come to think of it i was just like throwing money. if nanay find out about this then i am in trouble.

i felt bad about buying useless things. i mean come to think of it, many people in the world are starving to death and i'm here buying useless things. nanay teach me not to wast money, that we should live in a simple way. i can always remember her lines "simpleng pamumuhay, puspusang pakikibaka" (simple way of life, thorough strugle).

Friday, April 21, 2006

lubas pics

pic sa lubas.... from the left holding a scissor wearing black shirt me, wearing red shirt inday rechelle, then on pink stripe ate kaira, on white is mama roxane, then on red is ROWENA CARRANZA-PARAAN Director, National Union of Journalists of the PhilippinesAssociate Editor, Philippine Graphic magazine, Managing Editor,, nanay pypai on blue, and last tiya karen on darker red.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

wish it will all be gone

i wish it will all be gone by morning. the same pain i have to live up every day. dark clouds that formed over our heads for the past week and five days. it is one of the most darkest days of our lives. emotionally it leaves my body powerless and eventually turns to death. inside my head, it tells me that i should be strong for little Ghe-ghe. but some times when i'm alone i feel the pain, the great pain and it scares me that may not have the strength to battle this problems. yes i am weak, i'm not like nanay or tiya… i'm just Ian the mouse, the scared one.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Still the same

Its been a week and four days when they broke up. My heart still in grief, and pain seems to stay forever. Its just like a bad dream and I just wish that I will be awaken from all of this. I love them both and don't want to choose from either of them. My love for them is equal. In the darkness I cry, when I'm alone I feel the great pain of loosing two people you love and you will love forever. In the morning I just wish that this is over that things will come back to normal, that they will be back in each others arms. nanay said to me that the door for reconciliation is not yet close, that there is still hope for the two of them. Hope I am brave enough to tell them how I feel and it hurt us all specially if ghe-ghe will find out about it. I know she too will take it the hard way. I don't want to tell her I don't want her to get hurt, I hope that she didn't find out the news. I love her too, and I don't want her to feel the pain that I am feeling. Its hard and I don't think she will be able to take it.

Monday, April 10, 2006


in this world where capitalism is god, where poor people suffers til death. you still say to me that i should keep my head down and pretend that there is peace. well i did, i did bow to them... to the gods. i even worship them just to survive... to keep my self alive. i offer them gold and all my possession, i even became their slave. but the sad part is, in the end of the day i lay on the ground lifeless.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


darkness is almost over and the sun will appear soon. i will be welcoming the sunrise in summers. its been 31 days and 30 nights since you left and the last time i have heard your voice.

i miss you!

i just hope that i can say it to you, but the sad things is i can't. here i am standing in the dark again, hiding from the light. the sadness that i have keept from the people. yes i did feel the pain, and again it's swallowing me and killing me slowly. and in silnce i will cry.

yes i still remember you every time the sun appears in the horizon. yes i still remember you as i open my eyes to the wonders of the world. and yes i remember you every time i'm alone and one to talk to. like; when i ride a jeepney to where ever i go. or like of example when i pour cold water each i time i take a bath. i see you! and in moments like this while i'm writing this, i still think ok you.

and soon the sun will appear again in the horizon, i will think of you. until on it's setting. until the moment i close my eyes, i will be thinking of you.

Monday, March 06, 2006

no change

media men are under surviellance, since the lifting of the proclamation 1017 non has change but even worsen. the national telecommunication commission issued new set of guidelines.

These circulars state that "all radio broadcasting and television stations shall, during any broadcast or telecast, cut off from the air the speech, play, act or scene or other matter being broadcast and/or telecast, if the tendency thereof is to propose and/or incite treason, rebellion or treason, or language used therein or the theme thereof is indecent or immoral."


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

can this be what? i can't define

before day ends you texted me. me... i didn't expect that. of all people you are the one.

i still remember the day that we have parted, you still give that wonderful smile like the ones you gave when you were introduce to me. you and your friend were shy. may be because you aren't that good in our language or may be you were just shy. you were very cute when you stare at me, as if you were looking at me right down to my very soul. i could say that their something magical in you and i just couldn't figure it out.

at that time, my mind was clouded with pain of the break up of my recent relationship. the very pain that stops me to be close to you. to go near you is like hell, it seems my heart was ripped off. may be i was scared that people might think that i am just using you to get over someone.

i don't want to hurt you, you deserve something special for you are special. like morning in summers, when you wake up and see the sun appear in the horizon that brings gladness in everyone's heart. and you can't notice that every time you see that wonderful sight you just can't help but smile.

then at the moment, when your fingers caressing but perfectly those stings of guitar, those strings though angels sings in the accompaniment of that old but not that old guitar.

but 3 days were short for the two of us. and the time has come us to go and continue our tasks. i was the first one to leave, you and your friend tried to stop me from walking away. but it was too late, for i must leave. like Cinderella in that fairy tell story, that when the clock strikes 12 mid night it means its time to go back. with a heavy heart i took my first step to the door and walk away. i didn't gave you my number when you ask me to (that night when you sing a waray to us together with your friend), i said to myself, its better to forget about you and forget this night. the night that my heart aches healed as you pluck those melodies right through my heart. that stitches the broken pieces of my heart.

a month later an unknow number appear in my cellphone with a message saying hi. and that was the day that i could not stop myself again from drifting closer to you.

four months later after that sad parting time. i'm still here mumbling to myself. why can't i forget about you. i stopped texting you, why your picture appear in my mind. what is this, i can't define. and every time you text me even just to say hi, my heart jumps in and out of my chest. but inside my head, its like my brains is tumbling around, tumbling around, round and round and round until you get dizzy and drop like hell on the ground. its like your brain stormed your heart with questions. but your heart can't answer you logical brain for heart can only feel the happiness and pain.