Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i have dacided

I do need the psychologist asap… sound crazy? I think not! Most of us might say why do I need a psychologist which in fact I’m totally not crazy. And for now I need one to help me cope up with my psychological stress that can be dated back as early as high school. Well because most of the symptoms were evident.

I think the only thing that kept me alive during those times is because of my spiritual advisers (in present times were untraceable). Delaying the frustration that a weak spirit (me) is experiencing that time, telling me that there is something more in life. That I should not loss hope, for there is a reason why I am still alive. But the thing is it only delay the problem but didn’t solve it. It’s like giving a patient having a cancer with a pain killer instead of curing cancer. Well I don’t hate them for that, I do appreciate their attempt to help me out.

Well now that after hundreds of years, and believing that it’s gone, here we go again. It’s just like a ghost in the past that keeps hunting me again. Now I have decided that it’s time to see a psychologist to help me out before things got worst.

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