Thursday, March 16, 2006


darkness is almost over and the sun will appear soon. i will be welcoming the sunrise in summers. its been 31 days and 30 nights since you left and the last time i have heard your voice.

i miss you!

i just hope that i can say it to you, but the sad things is i can't. here i am standing in the dark again, hiding from the light. the sadness that i have keept from the people. yes i did feel the pain, and again it's swallowing me and killing me slowly. and in silnce i will cry.

yes i still remember you every time the sun appears in the horizon. yes i still remember you as i open my eyes to the wonders of the world. and yes i remember you every time i'm alone and one to talk to. like; when i ride a jeepney to where ever i go. or like of example when i pour cold water each i time i take a bath. i see you! and in moments like this while i'm writing this, i still think ok you.

and soon the sun will appear again in the horizon, i will think of you. until on it's setting. until the moment i close my eyes, i will be thinking of you.

Monday, March 06, 2006

no change

media men are under surviellance, since the lifting of the proclamation 1017 non has change but even worsen. the national telecommunication commission issued new set of guidelines.

These circulars state that "all radio broadcasting and television stations shall, during any broadcast or telecast, cut off from the air the speech, play, act or scene or other matter being broadcast and/or telecast, if the tendency thereof is to propose and/or incite treason, rebellion or treason, or language used therein or the theme thereof is indecent or immoral."