Thursday, March 16, 2006


darkness is almost over and the sun will appear soon. i will be welcoming the sunrise in summers. its been 31 days and 30 nights since you left and the last time i have heard your voice.

i miss you!

i just hope that i can say it to you, but the sad things is i can't. here i am standing in the dark again, hiding from the light. the sadness that i have keept from the people. yes i did feel the pain, and again it's swallowing me and killing me slowly. and in silnce i will cry.

yes i still remember you every time the sun appears in the horizon. yes i still remember you as i open my eyes to the wonders of the world. and yes i remember you every time i'm alone and one to talk to. like; when i ride a jeepney to where ever i go. or like of example when i pour cold water each i time i take a bath. i see you! and in moments like this while i'm writing this, i still think ok you.

and soon the sun will appear again in the horizon, i will think of you. until on it's setting. until the moment i close my eyes, i will be thinking of you.

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