Monday, September 10, 2012

13th day of the challenge; oh my kit lens

there you have it it's bee a while since we have started our challenge. i am very happy that you are still with me. now for this day i did a product photography.
i only use a single light for this set up that is bounce to a white cardboard (to soften the light). i use a black cardboard as a background for the subject. and a black and white cardboard to reflect the lights.

i keep thing as simple as possible eliminating other distractions to give more emphasis on the subject. the first image (single teacup) was shot with out the black and white board. while the second teacup is with a black and white board (to reflect lights).

1 comment:

francesco bombardieri said...

this pics i don't like ... subject is nice .... but (i'm man) not interesting ehehe ...

now serious .... the light is plain ... no contrast .. no brillant ... i don't like ;)