Sunday, September 16, 2012

19th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

this is the 19th day and i will shut my mouth (or refrain from typing). now this is about how i see an image. and the way i see it... this is better!

the patters, the light and shadows, the symmetry of the subject makes it stand out. it's really important that you really see your subject. it is by seeing that you see the other side of things...

so what you think is how you see an image. but what if you see an image but you don't think? they call it Mindfulness in Photography (the avatar state). it's just that you don't think you just photograph what you see. this is when we forget about concepts but just enjoying what the subject is offering. and yes it's meditation in essence too.

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francesco bombardieri said...

very nice pic ... Grace you are great ;)