Saturday, September 15, 2012

18th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

it's the 18th day! and now i must say that the kit lens challenge did somehow survive. we have tough days but still we manage to go on and show what a kit lens can do. i may push it a bit but somehow we just marvel that it can still do something awesome with something that we already have in our pockets (or cabinets and vaults).

today i am showing you another set of shadow and light shot. why because the subject itself represent both... yin and yang, push and pull, north and south, etc. my subject this time is the power of polar opposites or the opposites that attract one another but can't exist with out the other. Yes it's the fishes they call Pisces.

we too should learn to understand the opposites, in photography we even call it juxtaposition. but what i am just showing here is the simplest form which is the light that in-relation is associated with the subject too.

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francesco bombardieri said...

used light and shadow in perfect armony :)