Friday, September 21, 2012

24th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

finally its 24th day... it's like yesterday that we started this journey and now we found ourselves that we are at 24th. the power of photography (creativity of light) is something that is way beyond the camera (structure and build wise) and lens. it's the power to read the light and make friends with it.

now may be you have already saw that most of the photographs that is part of this challenge is compose of light and show light itself in contrast with shadow... why is it that most of the photos shows that? simple because we have to understand that photography is about light in general. that without it every photograph is nothing but a blank of darkness. it's because photography is light painting.

above all we have to understand light, we need to read and see through the lens. it's by mastering this that we will be able to make a masterpiece. so before you start talking about lenses... discussing the latest camera available in the market... may be we need to reflect with in ourselves... am i reading the light?

in this blog post the image above is compose of three elements... the lines that points to the subject. the polygon that breaks the fame giving another dimension of the photograph. and the light.


francesco bombardieri said...

minimal ... but strong ... the wood for floor or for God .... good ligth used .. grat pics :)

luntian said...

i only use my window here for the light. guess it pull off the trick. the mentors told us to use natural light with our shot so i guess i tried it.