Friday, September 14, 2012

17th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

this is our 17th day... i combine different elements here. first is the (a little) foreground bokeh, then the texture and finally the leading lines.

sometimes photographer find themselves seeing different elements with in a frame. now if you want to be a photographer you must try to arrange (rearrange) different elements to make a subject stand out. it's how you combine these elements that help the viewers see what your composition is about. but remember it's how you present this to your viewers that makes a good photographer.

i always say there are a 120 ways to compose an image but you only need one to present it to make a good master piece. it is by seeing our subject as it is that we will be able to understand what to present to our viewers. remember that photography is a visual art so people need to see something that will capture their attention and interpret it.

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francesco bombardieri said...

less people found great pic in normal subject .... brava grace :)