Sunday, September 23, 2012

26th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

so the 26th day has come and i want to show some personality (person) in the photographs. so how will a kit lens handle this shoot?

how or what makes a stunning portrait? is it the model? the way they are dressed? really it's just the light. just master the light and you'll be fine.


francesco bombardieri said...

good portrait .... brava grace :)

luntian said...

francesco bombardieri... hey thank you for visiting again. glad that you spend a few second viewing this post. and thank you for all the advice that you gave me with the other post here. ^_^

Alexis Cheong said...

It's funny how you think you're good. :)

luntian said...

dear alexis cheong... it's not how you think your good... i never said i am, after half of my life photographing i am still learning. i always listen to other people's comments and ideas. it is how you listen and look (deep) that you will learn.

just think of it as... with all the limitations that we have (lighting kits, the LENS, studio comfort) will we let this limitation stop us for what we love the most? i am trying to show what a kit lens can do and it can't do. but it is all up to the person how he/she will look for a solution. according to one of my mentor photography is an expensive but it can also come cheap... it's just how we get around this to make a stunning photograph maters. it's not the equipment nor the settings, at the end of the day it' the out put of the an image is all that maters. this is a kit lens challenge. i know most people don't own the G, L, CZ, etc. but they love to photograph.

i know how great change it would be if;
1. i use the sonar, G, and CZ lenses.
2. that i am in the comfort of a studio where i can choose the lighting conditions.
but of all of those things... i don't have that comfort. i have this moment, at this time.

for one i am a natural light photographer (i hope you understand what i mean), most of the time i don't use a strobes (flash guns to other, or what ever you call them). so the photograph is shot using a LED lights of the house (model's) no reflector or white board was use because it was the only light available.

did the model use some make up no... because i shoot with what i see (at that giving moment). i saw james in a 3/4 view, saw that it has a nice split light on his face... all i did was do some little low camera angle and bam... the rest was history.

question is... is split light a beauty shot? no it is not but it only pull some emotions like mystery for half the face is lit... it's like good versus evil drama thingy.

please do remember photography is still an art form. it's use to express not to impress. it always has an Achilles heel like most artworks does. sometimes it suited others, some don't. please don't close you mind on the kit lens challenge. i want to people to learn with my mistakes for them not to repeat them. and to alexis cheong i hope that you will somehow invite me to your world of photography because i am dying to learn from you. it's really amazing if i can get another mentor for free. ^_^ and to all of you out there Pro (most people call them) you might want me as an assistant (i want to learn for you).