Monday, September 24, 2012

27th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

now we are at the 27th day! it's like really it's almost over... we have a great fun with our journey. we find something really amazing about the kit lens and photography. it's really fun to know more about kit lens and what it can do (and what it can't do).

i am doing a little different here, i guess i still have a hangover over our faceless assignment last week. sometimes it's really the hidden message in the photograph that we are really interested. it's not the obvious, it's not what is waving in-front of us but rather the one that hides itself from the rest of the world. it's how we tell the story of the subject that really captures our imagination.

you are correct the subject is really hiding from me. guess not everybody is happy being photographed. elements that i use to make the subject stand out light, leading lines, and i frame the subject.

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