Saturday, September 22, 2012

25th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

i just went out and get this photo... 25th day is something that i did a street photography. i think (it works best for me) that this lens is the best for this type of photography. i can zoom a little closer (though it's not necessary) and i can do wide to capture of the whole scene. and i can move around too... giving the stealth mode full blast.

i am not related nor sponsored by this company.


francesco bombardieri said...

this pic i don't like ... the subject who is?? the bottle?? the women? the truck? ....

mi eyes not found subject immediatly and this not good in photographi ... dont' worry grace , only this picture i don' like eheheh all other pics are ok ;)

luntian said...

i see you point fracesco bombardieri... it has a lot going on in the frame. i miss one element... the simplicity... now people end up confused. but thank you for giving the idea and in put i need. ^_^