Tuesday, September 25, 2012

28th day of the challenge; oh my kit lens

so this is the 28th day... and i think that we made it a long, long way by now. this is my second time to do smoke photography with in this challenge. i know that i have shown last time some smoke but i hope that this will blow your mind away.

i know that smoke photography itself is a challenge because it's very tricky but i guess the photographs tell the story itself.

all i did here is a very simple set up... i only use the pop-up flash, black and white cardboard, tripods to hold the camera and the smoke thing (a lighted-rolled tissue). i use a a57 in fluorescent white balance (that is why it has a cooler tone). other than that i forgot the rest. well i did use a kit lens (18-55mm).

due to internet connection problems this post is very late. thank you for visiting the blog again.

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