Friday, September 07, 2012

10th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

so at our 10th day what i did is another light painting but this time i am individually lighting each lighted part of the photograph using a LED torch light. with this shot i am balancing two elements here. i am using a long exposure (15") to capture the light.

after i photograph around 6 photos i put it together using photoshop. what i think is the most challenging part of this shot is the fact that i am shooting during a rain. i use 1 LED torch light, two tripods (1 that holds the camera, the other is holding the umbrella), and umbrella (to keep the camera dry and protected). then the rest was imagination.

1 comment:

francesco bombardieri said...

wow ... you are the master of the light in this pic ....

wonderful .... wonderful :)