Wednesday, September 05, 2012

8th day of our challenge; oh my kit lens

ok people i must say that days just passed by so fast and how we are on our 8th day. would you believe that! now we have journey through this and together we learn something about our dear and trusted friend our kit lens.

so i took my 18-55mm (kit lens) with me to a fireworks display. but before anything i review my notes and research again about how to photograph a fireworks.

one thing that you should remember if you are shooting a fireworks is;

1. you need a lens that can take a wide shot. the thing is you don't need a fast lens only a lens that can give you enough space to actually make the fireworks fit in your frame.

2. lowest possible ISO (mostly around 100).

3. a long shutter speed to capture the light's movements. but i find bulb mode very convenient because you can control when to close shutter.

4. something that could make your camera steady just reduce camera shake. a tripod would be a good choice.

5. a remote control to prevent camera shake. remember you are using a long shutter speed here and even a tiny shake can ruin a shot.

6. enjoy yourself

out of the six i only got 5... i forgot to bring a tripod again but i use my backpack as a replacement of a tripod. well as long as it will prevent shake then it's good to go.

it's really a fun day i have a chance to spend some time with my sisters. i did miss them a lot but hey they bond with me for a little while. and we share a finale with a bang (fireworks bang).

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