Monday, October 08, 2012

luntian is my name

for years now i am bearing the name luntian... many would ask why do you have that name?

people are mostly given names when they are born and same equation is used why people have names... because it describe them (mostly). if we trace back history most of the names are given to our ancestors because it describes them... like they are as swift as a kidlat (lightning), as hard as a bato (rock), or they are like a hiyas (jewel). we are given the name because it's part of who we are and what we are to the people who love us.

luntian (green) is who i am. it represent life, fertility, well being and most importantly it represent nature. yes luntian is kalikasan (nature) that is who i am. it is the only thing that describes me best... a person one in nature.

it is the only time that i am at rest... i can feel that i am revitalizing when i am in her midst. it's really the place where i can really think. and ever since i am always in love with mother nature. it's like you can't separate her from me.

who am i? i am the daughter of mother nature for she always nurture me and everyone else in this planet.

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