Monday, March 30, 2009

i turn off my light

last march 28, 2009 i only use my phone as my light for 1 hour. yes! i participated at the earth our and i vote for earth. my switch light is my vote. i know that we need to make a step even if its small.
and yes in stead of using a candle i use my cell phone's head light. it is like a tiny flash light at the back of the phone function as a flash for the camera of my phone. i do want to use a candle but i just couldn't find one. i guess i for got to place it on plain sight before i turn off the lights. lol
at first i thought that we were the only people in our municipality that turn off the lights. but i was surprise to see that the whole people in our compound turn off their light. some houses too in the next compound. and then my cousin came home at 5 minutes before 9:00 pm local time and report to me that that town's plaza turn of the lights too. remember the colorful lights post that i post at dA? yes that it! they turn off them all too for about an hour.
i am very happy that there are other people besides me that are concerned about environment and global warming. i hope that some of you here turn off your lights too.
i post my photo at flickr. the link of my photos is hope that you will drop by to see them.

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