Monday, March 02, 2009

Admin's black propaganda: TC funds used in holding a forum of Jose Maria Sison

It’s the funniest thing I have ever heard! This time the school administrators has definitely exaggerates things…

First thing about school administrators and students is that they are two opposing forces that collide most of the time. They have separate interest and this thing keeps them divided. Guess you will have hard time if not impossible to blend water with oil.
And I can say that it is very normal to hear admins’ barks the same line over and over again. Considering that Today’s Carolinian is one of those students’ critics that lurk and expose anything that is anti-students policies of the school.

But if we are to believe what the admin said abut the funding of Sison’s forums, may be the TC is very rich. Well try to imagine, they need to print magazines, tabloid, and other alternative materials for like 10 thousand students. Well that is not included the office supplies, trainings and other expenses of a publication.

It is to outrageous to actually tell people that TC finance Sison on his forums. And if ever TC will sponsor a forum and Sison is one of the speakers well they have a very good reason for it. We can not deny Sison’s expertise when it comes to literature and politics. I believe that he is one of those few who can mix politics with literature well.

To the admin’s I am challenging them to show any proof if there are any. Show it to the alumni and new Editorial and staff of TC in a public hearing. Don’t bark TC behind their back.

It has been a long struggle for students to up hold their rights. We as students should join hands to defend ourselves. Who else will stand for us if we don’t act for our fellow youth and student? We did it once and we will do it again. To those who say we can’t face Goliath, we will face them and tell them Oh YES WE CAN!

Long live the students! Long live the Today’s Carolinian!

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