Thursday, November 22, 2012

sometimes i just wish i said no

one of the things that i love about photographing is the fact that i have a chance to be part of someone or somebody's most important time of their lives. but i never thought that i could be one of those who is silent in a corner and witness great sadness.

being an event photographer i never thought that i would photograph a funeral, something that is really, really something that i never have thought that i would do in my career but i did. i was there and it sucks because it's such a gloomy day thought the sun is up. most of the time the only thing that echos in the silent day is the sobs of those who were left behind.

and it is the first ever job i took that i did ask myself... do i do this again? can i do it again? i know that this is my second project (on a funeral) but really do i need to be in this type of situation again?

the whole project is too out of my character it is totally in contrast with my personality and i felt out of place. i photograph to be able to share happiness and joy, not bear witness to a sad day. bottom line is i hate sad things, its something that i don't really need in my life but everything in this funeral is worth photographing. do i like the photographs yes i do, but i am not happy with sad situations.

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