Sunday, October 30, 2011

undas: trick or treat

this is the time of the year when having a bad hair day isn't that bad after all. you don't have to worry if you look ugly for people are trying to look ugly this time of the year.

this tradition can be trace back to the medieval times (just like the souling). before poor people go door to door to offer prayers in exchange for food. but now its candies and the prayer part has gone. if we say trick or treat this tradition is made in united states, but other countries celebrate similar customs too, like europe, mixico, canada, asia and africa.

in the philippines we have undas, its close to the day of the dead in mexico (considering spanish influence). if trick or treat has jack-o-lanters, witch costumes and broomsticks, undas has flower and food offirings to the dead.

flowers and candles are place on the tombstones and sometimes food too. most of those who place the food has chinese ancestry, most of them leave it on the tombstone. but traditional filipino believe is that food and drinks are place on the altar at home. during a novena (prayer) candles are lighted up on the doorstep to invite the dead relative's souls. to come inside.

the food is place on the altar and nobody is allowed to touch the food. you can't take your dinner if the novena has started, the souls might join you. if the souls will join you in a meal and you ate their leaf-overs you will lose all of your teeth. after the novena will end the food is leaf at the alter untouch. you will have to wait till all the candles that you lighted up in the house will melt before you can touch the food and placed it in a bag that later will be burred in a pit.

undas is more like a fiesta, and is one of the most celebrated holiday next to christmas and holy week. if trick or treat is just for one night undas is officially celebrated in two days but it really last for a week.

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