Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wave to move it move it

after a long time touring the region i finally have the chance to go to the one of the most holy places in cebu, simala. simala is very famous of its miraculous virgin that every year people just flood the place to pray for a miracle. though i have no evidence that these miracles happened but i love to watch these believers spend some time to thank and ask to their GOD. in a world that most would catch up time, its really out of the ordinary that they are here praying. like there is nothing in the world maters at this moment. they do spend at least a year for this. and the first hand experience did somehow proves that most Filipinos are deeply religious. this picture reminds me of the black Nazarene and the sto. nino acts. its like they have a particular steps (dance) for the whole thing. waving of a white handkerchief or towel. September 8 is when they wave to move it... move it!

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