Sunday, June 07, 2009

i'm back and well

for the past few day i catch a cold so i was unable to do the usual things i do. first i need to stay at home before i scare people to death. there are a lot of cases of influenza A(H1N1) has been reported and i just don't want people to panic. we do have three confirmed cases. though i don't have it i just want things to be safe though it's just an ordinary cold.

now i am active again and start taking photographs. these are my new photos, well it's really the latest i have.

standing tall! this is a part of our local sports gym. i wish i can play basketball inside. i just want to try other sports besides badminton.

peek. this shot is from the chruch

seventh heaven. well i just pass by a church when i saw this post. i have never seen some thing like it so i took a picture. good thing it didn't move! lol

in twine! just like what is inside my head.

chimney! i don't think that santa will fit in here. i took this when i pass by a private high school run by nuns. i don't know if they believe in santa..

i hope that the neighbor won't mind. i didn't ask them to take a photo of their house. what i love about this house is it's infrastructural design. it does have thees cool shapes, i hope i did capture the cool shapes here. can you see it? T_T

window! now i do feel like a stalker... i took a photo of a window what am i thinking... i hope that they don't take it the wrong way.

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