Tuesday, May 19, 2009

starting point

it's been a while since i put some thing in here. but i was very busy with photography lately that i have no time for writing anything in my blogs... most people think that i just live my life like a party but it's not even like that. most of the time i'm alone and has no one to talk to. i love to talk to different types of people but i am not doing it anymore. most of the time you will just see me on the street or corner of a street with a camera on my side.
well though my life seems to be like lonely or something because i often click than chat but i find something to do with it. instead of being sorry to myself i decided to make my own online magazine. well it's not like what you think i still going to use this site but i will share to you picture that you will love to look at... this will be my first but i hope that i can keep up with it... so starting tomorrow you will see me here with more and more pictures on this blog...

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